The foundation of my practice.

It all began roughly aged 10 sitting at the back of a church hall quietly colouring in whilst my mother practiced hatha yoga, taught by the inspirational Brigitte McDevitt.

At a point over the coming years that I can't exactly remember, I grew out of colouring in and grew into yoga, practising under Brigitte. I was fortunate enough to continue learning with Brigitte for around 6 years, until university beckoned.

Whilst at university I stumbled across ashtanga, and was fairly rapidly hooked on this dynamic practice, offering a pleasing balance to the more measured and considered hatha teachings I had experienced until that point.

After university came a relocation to Italy, and so yoga in Italian - an experience perhaps more illuminating linguistically than spiritually, however an experience nonetheless.

Once back in London, I was able to let my yogic appetite rip upon many a different class - ranging from hatha to rocket, kundalini to jivamukti, vinyasa to yin. I could go on detailing the many styles I have been lucky enough to experience, but it suffices to say this: there have been many styles; if I have anything to do with it, there will be many more styles; and I am eternally grateful to each and every teacher I have met along my way - you have all moulded me in some way or another.

The roots of my yogic journey run deep, from that 10-year old colouring in whilst lending half an ear to what was being said, to the individual I am today. Yoga is more than a mat for me. My practice is more than a form of exercise. I believe yoga teaches us how to live, and it teaches us how to grow. Through my teaching I hope to bring yoga, in any or all of its guises, to as many people as possible.

Because, why not?